You may recognise the name, that’s because the lovely Sarah Moore co-wrote our book ‘The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits’ and is currently judging our Ice-Off competition. Now launching her own fabulous online range Sarah Moore Vintage, we caught up with the lady herself to discuss all things reclaimed…

* How did you meet the Biscuiteers?

I knew the Biscuiteers before they were Biscuiteers.  I was creative director for their sister company Lettice party design, and worked on the design and development of all the launch ranges of biscuits.  We spent a very long time, trying and testing all sorts of combinations of ingredients to come up with the perfect Biscuiteers dough, icing and methods.

*  Did you enjoy co-writing ‘The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits’?

The book was great. It was the first time I had been involved in the whole process of writing anything for publication. Even though I design biscuits all the time, my icing skills are not nearly as polished as all the lovely Biscuiteers icers who ice every day, so the book was a great opportunity to practice my skills and design some new collections too.

* Tell us about your own book, ‘Homemade Gifts Vintage Style’

I have loved cooking, designing and eating food all my life, but I have an absolute passion for all things vintage and I make things all the time.  The book is a collection of projects that are straightforward to make and use old and repurposed materials, just like the things that fill our house at home.

 * Your website is really lovely; did you have many hiccups getting everything set up?

The website always seems to be work in progress as the business progresses. It is very satisfying seeing everything taking shape, but it takes twice as long as you think to keep everything up to date and seasonal.

* What is your favourite SM Vintage item?

Before I set up SM Vintage I used to make presents and toys for friends and family. Lavender bunnies were one of the first pieces that I made for my children, and I have sewn heaps of them for friends, so they I am really fond of these.  This year we are making recycled lampshade Christmas trees, wrapped with vintage ribbons and trimmed with old decorations, so these are a bit of a novelty.

 * Which SM Vintage piece is the longest labour of love?

The fauxidermy is so interesting to make, but it takes hours and hours to find exactly the right tweeds, wool and materials and to layers it up to create the creatures. The results are all slightly different and each piece develops a personality all of its own by the time it is finished.


* Any tips on making our own piece of vintage lovely-ness?

If you haven’t sewn lots of bits before, start off with something easy, like layering up circles of fabric to make a simple corsage, or sewing a heap of little lavender cushions from remnants of fabric. Reclaimed and vintage fabrics are often cheaper than the new alternatives too; you just might have to look in slightly different places to source your materials. So don’t throw out your old clothes before looking hard to see if you can make them into something special.

* Finally, what is your favourite Biscuiteers biscuit?

That is too difficult to choose. I love the fresh chocolate bourbons because they are ultra chocolatey and filled with fresh buttercream, I am a big fan of the pony club summer collection and the savoury biscuits that accompany the organic cheddar are really very tasty.

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